Program Administrator Portal Features


A. Dashboard (Notification)
    1. Activity – Overview of daily processes
        a. View real time new and incomplete Student Applications

        b. View real time student requests (Transfers/Appeals)
        c. View real time new or pending Invoices
    2. Messages – View and create internal emails (notify staff of tasks requiring
        action and/or simply providing notifications and updates)
B. Email Client (Messages)
    1. Securely email with students, schools, colleges, donors or other community
    2. Review email history
C. Students
    1. Student Table
        a. Ability to Search, Multi-Filter, or Sort Students
        b. Export or Print Student data, based on multi-filtered criteria and selected columns
    2. Student Profile
        a. Create, Delete, or Edit student demographics and data
        b. Quick-view dashboard showing individual student eligibility, award determination and award usage
    3. Guardians
        a. Guardians based on student approval if over 18
        b. Guardians can be included on all system communication
    4. Contact History
        a. Maintain correspondence with students (Phone, Face-to-face, etc..)
        b. Submit Contact date
        c. Reason for Contact
        d. View prior contacts with individual student
    5. Application
        a. Review and Approve student Applications
    6. Documents
        a. View and Upload - Ability to upload and view multiple student documents
        - Transcripts
        - Photo
        - Student Essay
        - Scholarship Application
        - Award Letter
        - Student Aid Report
    7. Enrollments
        a. Maintain enrollment history per student from Kindergarten to college
        b. Create, edit or delete existing enrollment data
        c. Calculate award amount based on fund level and Custom Cost Fields
        d. Enrollments approval process to build invoices and make payments
    8. Appeals
        a. Create and Edit Appeals
        b. Approve/Deny Appeal requests
        c. Automated Student Status Eligibility based on Appeal update
    9. Transfers/Requests/Interests
        a. View new and existing requests
    10. Funding
        a. Calculate student funding based on fund level and dynamic cost fields
    11. Programs
        a. Track unlimited number of Student Programs (i.e., Community Service hours, mentor requirements, mandatory meetings, college tours, etc.)
        b. Build student Program list on the fly
        c. Maintain Program contact information
        d. Import Student Programs
    12. Test Scores
        a. Track Student Test Scores
        b. Add Tests on the fly
        c. Import Student Test Scores
    13. Settings
        a. Active/Inactive Students
        b. Delete student
        c. Reset password
D. Communication
    1. Create letters using predefined variable codes for mass mailings
    2. Edit or delete letters
    3. Create, edit or delete letterhead
    4. Filter by user type, student status, school and/or grad year
    5. Send Emails, print letters, letter labels and envelopes
    6. Communication history maintained on Admin and Student Portals
E. Tuition
    1. Calculate tuition based on fund level
    2. Build dynamic cost fields
F. Enrollments
    1. View/filter by student enrollment in bulk and print or export enrollment data for reporting purposes
G. Invoicing
    1. Ability to export or print enrollment data per invoice
    2. Invoice approval process
H. Scholarships
    1. Filter and print or export by scholarship type
    2. Create, enable/disable, or delete scholarships
    3. Manage an unlimited number of scholarships

I. Users
    1. Filter by user type
    2. Create, edit, and delete users
    3. Admin ability to view any user's login portal
    4. Permission based roles for approval processes
J. Import/Upload
    1. Import all student data
    2. Export prepopulated template for easy updating
    3. Create custom student data template - student demographics, school district, eligibility, money transferred, GPA, major, Algebra II grade, etc.
K. Reporting
* User can custom report on any and all data captured in eScholarship by exporting into an excel spreadsheet and manipulating data to meet specific reporting needs
For example:
    1. HS Senior Report
    2. Good standing
    3. Inactive
    4. Application Approved
    5. Approved/Denied Transfer Requests
    6. Approved/Denied Appeals

* Customized reports can also be built in eScholarship. eInternet would work with client to identify specific reporting needs

Types of Custom Reports (examples):
    1. Financial needs comparison report
    2. Detailed payment reports
    3. Incomplete application report