Use eScholarship as your all-in-one solution for scholarship and tuition administration OR integrate with existing software that is performing well for you.  Eliminate what is not working and keep what is!

eScholarship is capable of orderly, efficient integration and operation with existing software programs; offering built-in compatibility options for accounting, student management, application processes, and scholarship awarding. Your program may be in need of eScholarship's complete software solution or may just need certain eScholarship modules. Either way, feel confident knowing you can keep existing well-performing software, yet reduce costly licensing fees by using eScholarship to streamline processes and reduce the number of employees required to complete tasks.

eScholarship offers pre-built import templates based on your current processes. There is no need to recreate EXCEL or ACCESS spreadsheets in order to easily import or export info into eScholarship. For example, Program Administrators can import payment reports directly into eScholarship, automatically updating invoices based on checks issued (allowing your team the ability to view payment status instantly).

To learn more about eScholarship's integration options, please contact us to schedule a personal call or hands-on demonstration.