Implementation features include structured information gathering about your desired process flow, an easy import of your scholarship data, and comprehensive administrator training.

eSchlolarship's Implementation and Go-Live Process Consists of 5 Key Steps:

Step 1: Discovery Phase

During the Discovery Phase, all information/documentation required from client will be identified. eInternet will provide client with pre-deployment documentation to facilitate in the collection of data.  eInternet will also conduct multiple remote meetings to review all purchase options and identify specific desired work flows within purchased framework.  Our team will work to gain a deep understanding of a client’s needs and objectives so that an accurate and concise proposal can be prepared.  Once purchase options and customizations are identified, an Information Architecture Plan will be prepared for the client.
 Step 2: Information Architecture Plan 

The Information Architecture Plan will serve as a project timeline and provide a rough, page-by-page visual representation of all purchased eScholarship functionality and custom requests.  We have found this to be a valuable tool in alleviating client/developer discrepancies – leaving developers to focus on rapid execution. Remote meeting dates are identified to update clients during the “building” phase.
Step 3: Training Session 

eInternet will conduct a thorough, interactive “walk-through” of all work once entire project is complete, and if needed, during the process for any necessary clarification.  This “walk-through” will enable client to become familiar with the end product.  Upon completion of the “walk through”, client will be given a predetermined period of time to use the system in a “trial run” approach in order to get familiar with all of the facets and components of the system. This period will also serve as a time frame for asking specific end-user questions and becoming familiar with the online solution built for your organization.
Step 4: eScholarship Final Implemenation

“Live” launch of eScholarship with continued support of end users on the part of eInternet.

Step 5: Review

Periodic reviews of system, continued support, and potential enhancements if indicated by client. All enhancements will follow same quoting and implementation process as outlined in this document.