eScholarship Clients

  • Full implementation of eScholarship's Complete Management Package, Spring 2016
  • Customizations include a unique portal allowing unlimited Program Chapters to be continually added
  • Colleges and Universities have the ability to manually enter or import Financial Aid information directly into eScholarship

  • Manages all school and student information, including contacts, student eligibility, special programs and more
  • Largest Promise Program in the U.S., with over 6,000 students managed
  • Utilizes Administration, Student, Parent and School Portals

  • Completely automated scholarship administration for over 4500 students
  • Utilizes Administration, Student, and School Portals
  • Manages all school and student information including contacts, application process, forms, school acceptance and rejections


  • Over 2500 students managed
  • Manages invoicing for administration of payment through a custom built invoicing process
  • Administers student Transfers and Appeals
  • Utilizes Administration and School Portals

  • Full implementation of eScholarship's Complete Management Package features, Spring 2016

  • Full implemention of eScholarship's Base Management Package with the addition of the Enrollment and Eligibility Add-on Modules
  • Complete website design and implementation included

"We selected eScholarship because of eInternet Technologies' expertise with Promise programs and have been extremely pleased with their willingness and ability to customize the software to meet our complex needs."

Steve Kroser, Data and Technology Manager
The Pittsburgh Promise

“I have been working with eInternet for several years now and am always pleased with their responsiveness, professionalism and final solution to our needs.”

Bob Jorth, Executive Director
The Kalamazoo Promise