Committee Member/Donor Portal Features

Give Community Partners All The Information They Need – In One Place

Community Partners can include Donors, Committee Members, Mentors and Business Partners. Give any or all of them secure access to the information you want them to have.  Maximize community engagement and build remarkably close relationships with Donors.

Through eScholarship's online portal, Community Partners can:

A. Send Internal Email and Documents

    1. Securely email and send documents to Organization and Scholarship Administrators via internal email system
    2. Review internal email and upload history
B. Review Student Documents Online
        - Transcripts
        - Photo
        - Student Essay
        - Scholarship Application
        - Award Letter
        - Student Aid Report
        - More

C. Access Reports which are created and provided with information pertinent only to them, including how many candidates applied for specific scholarships, who was awarded, and more.

D. View only candidates for the scholarships that are applicable to each type of Community Partner and for the reasons specific to each. Organization and/or Scholarship Administrators decide/control what data is visible.