K-12 /College Portal Features

eScholarship Directly Connects Awarding Organizations to Schools with an online solution that can be used by any and all parties that manage student information. eScholarship can manage any and/or all student data from Kindergarten through post-Graduation (test scores, enrollment information, grades, employment, etc.) and subsequently use that same data to track, measure, and report on student outcomes and scholarship impact.

  • K-12 Schools can import data from a current Student Information System into eScholarship OR adopt eScholarship as their Student Information System, thus eliminating the need for separate "homes" for student data.
  • 2 and 4 Year Colleges can manage and integrate scholarship, grant and awards programs with one flexible, online solution. Colleges can:
    -Track and enter Financial Aid information directly into eScholarship

    -Track what other scholarships a student has received
    -Manage invoices and payments for scholarship recipients
    -Securely email and send documents back and forth with partnering awarding entities via eScholarship's secure, internal email system
    -View Student Documents such as: Transcripts - Photo - Student Essay - Scholarship Applications - Award Letters - Student Aid Report