Dedicated to Helping Programs Keep Tuition Promises

For over a decade, eInternet Technologies has helped companies unlock their true potential through the conceptualization and implementation of visionary tools that help businesses perform. We are experts at building back-end infrastructures that run entire operations. As a mid-size company headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, we are home to the very first Promise Program in the country. Through our work with The Kalamazoo Promise, and numerous other scholarship programs across the country, we have designed and implemented web-based software that now serves as the architectural framework for complete scholarship administration and automation.

What are the Advantages of Working With a Mid-Size Company as Opposed to a Giant?

We hear this everyday from our clients, and we, too, believe that mid-size businesses like ours create many advantages for customers in contrast to our larger competitors. Much like trying to turn a huge aircraft carrier around, larger companies are just not as nimble and swift as mid-size businesses. Large companies are often hampered by their size, making changes difficult and slow. As a mid-size software company, we have the freedom to be flexible and innovative. We are not slowed down by lengthy channels of approval or inflexible code. The pace of a mid-size company is much faster than that of a giant corporation, and this speed is a major advantage when unforeseen changes need to be made.

We are Close to our Customers and Committed to Advancing Higher Education for all Students

Talking to our customers personally and frequently is incredibly important to us. Clients who migrate over to us from a large company tell us that the previous company had so many layers, departments, and procedures that close contact was not even possible. Whether yours is a brand new or already existing program, we know that the closer we are to you, the closer we are to your processes. Constant communication and feedback allows us to not only keep project momentum going, but also help guide and direct our clients in the best workflow options for their specific program.

The development and launch of eScholarship is one of our proudest accomplishments. Having served as a public school teacher for the first 10 years of her professional career, our founder's original roots are in education. With a passion for technology and a desire to promote higher education, eInternet Technologies is proud to play a role in administering tuition and scholarships to deserving students.