For almost a decade, eInternet Tehnologies has helped companies unlock their true potential through the conceptualization and implementation of visionary tools that help businesses perform.

We pride ourselves on serving as long-term business partners and indispensable advisers, helping organizations get the most out of their tech investments by leveraging 15 years of focused experience on the customer and end product. Our experience, combined with our ongoing commitment to technology research and development, means our customers can be assured that their investment in our products will benefit their programs for years to come.

At eInternet, we understand the specific needs of scholarship foundations and tuition granting programs, having built eScholarship based on the best practices of the very first Promise program, the Kalamazoo Promise. Through our work with Kalamazoo, and other scholarship programs, we have designed and implemented web-based software that now serves as the architectural framework for complete scholarship administration and automation.

The development and launch of eScholarship is one of our proudest accomplishments. Having served as a Public School teacher for the first 10 years of her professional career, our Founder's original roots are in education. With a passion for technology and a desire to promote higher education, eInternet Technologies is proud to play a role in administering tuition and scholarships to deserving students.